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How To Change and Break in Your Coil by Smoke and Vape

Posted on September 06 2017

Breaking in Your New Coils 

If you have a modern tank setup for your mod, you’re going to need to change your coil at some point. Big or small, most tanks work pretty much the same. The coil is removable, and threads into the bottom plate of the tank. In order to change the coil, you must take apart the tank. It is also good practice to give it a good cleaning, this will give you a truer flavor from the juice you’re vaping.

 First thing you need to do, is remove the tank from your mod. Unscrew the top cap from the glass portion of the tank, and set it aside. From here, you should be able to remove the glass and set that aside as well. Now, the coil is exposed. With a dry paper towel, grab hold of the coil and twist it counter clockwise to remove. Properly dispose of the old coil.

 Next, give the pieces of the tank a good cleaning. All you need to do is run all the pieces under water, and most of the remaining juice and gunk should wash right off. Any tough spots you can scrub off with a q-tip. You can also use rubbing alcohol, but make sure to rinse thoroughly. Make sure to thoroughly dry all of the pieces before reassembling.

 Before installation in your tank, you need to prep the new coil. Take your juice of choice, and saturate the cotton from the inside and out, until all of the cotton is wet. Make sure there is not excess juice within the coil. Now, you can install your new coil. Do the opposite of removal, and simply seat the coil into the bottom plate and turn clockwise until it is fully seated in the housing. Pre-made coils usually have o-rings above the threads to seal in the juice, these can be difficult to seat fully. Grab a paper towel to use for extra grip on the coil, and make sure it is tightened completely.

 Re-assemble the tank the opposite way it was disassembled, making sure every o-ring is in good condition, is seated properly and is not lifted or pinched. Fill the tank completely full with your juice of choice, and proceed to the break in process.

 To break in your coil, you should turn your wattage down by about 25-50%, and take several short puffs before taking any longer hits. The new cotton needs to form to the coil to provide full flavor, as well as to make sure it does not detach from the coil and cause hot spots. The new coil will start to provide the full flavor of the juice after a couple minutes of vaping. At this point, turn the power back up to your preference and vape on!


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