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Best E-Liquid Flavors of 2017

Posted on May 05 2019

People who are considering giving vaping a try often feel confused about where to purchase their first vape kit, and we often hear questions like “What are the best online vape shops?” – perhaps more often than necessary. And it is quite hard or even impossible to provide the right answer, because in 2017, there are so many vape vendors out there.

The best vape online store is without a doubt Smoke and Vape. We have become highly popular in the vaping community due to our prices and our website is truly easy-to-use, but more importantly, we became the best vape online store for 2017 due to our large selection of e-juice flavors we offer.

Here is the best 10 e juice flavor for 2017:

Kiberry Yogurt by Kilo

Boss Reserve by Cuttwood 

FRYD Watermelon

Thai Tea By Marina Vapes

Monica's Eyes by Uncle Junks

Cookie Jar by Vapor Maid

Strawberry Got Cookies by Fat Kid

White Gummy by Moku E-Liquid

Frost Bite by Naked

Magic Man by One Hit Wonder


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