WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Understanding Voltage On Your Vape Mod

Posted on May 05 2019

When you are new to vaping (using an electronic cigarette) finding the proper settings for your vape MOD can be a steep learning curve, considering there are a lot of different Electronic cigarette devices available on the market.

If you go too high, you will get a burnt flavor and potentially damage your coil. To understand the difference, let us take a look at the specifications of a standard electronic cigarette; most devices use 3.7-volt batteries and 2.4Ω atomizers/tanks, and so producing a little under 5.5 watts of power.

To get a little bit more out of their E-cig, some vapers (Electronic Cigarette users) buy larger batteries and combine them with low resistance atomizers/tanks(1.8Ω). When you use a 3.7-volt battery with for instance a 1.5 Ω clearomizer/tank, the vapor production of the E-cig increases to over 9 watts.

This still doesn’t equal the performance a variable voltage/wattage e-cig can achieve (up to 12 watts at 6 volts with a 3.0Ω clearomizer / tank).

Variable Wattage

Basically, the idea behind variable wattage is that you can set your wattage setting to suit your preferences and when you change up your e-Liquid delivery device you don’t have to fiddle with the voltage. The advanced Mod will read the resistance of your atomizer in your clearomizer or tank, and, as long as you have your mod set to Variable Wattage, it will adjust the amount of power going into the device, either up or down, to best reflect your personal vaping preferences.


Start using your device at a low setting and gradually increase it until you have found the setting that works best for you. It will be very dependent on the juice, your vape MOD. Even with these guidelines in mind, experiment a little bit. Tweak those wattages up and down to find that perfect, optimal power for your taste buds.

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