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Drip Fried Cream Cake by FRYD 120ml



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Drip Fried Cream Cake by FRYD 120ml

Like a fat kid at the deep frying booth at the county fair, I was going to have to eat my way out! Cream Cakes E-Liquid by FRYD will take you right back to that fateful day when you ingested your first deep fried sweet treat; the day that ended all days. This flavor was made by taking a sweet yellow sponge cake, jamming some vanilla whipped cream into center, dipping it in cake batter and deep frying it to a golden brown finish. Yeah, that just happened. The inhale will bring you joy and the flavor of a deep fried spongecake. The exhale will bring you a blissful existence and the flavors of cake batter and whipped topping.
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