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Naked 100 Tobacco E Juice Combo Pack 60ml Bundle

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Naked 100 Tobacco E Juice Combo Pack 60ml Bundle

Naked 100 Tobacco ejuice bundle Combo Pack is now available at Smoke and Vape in one package and it's for all of you Tobacco lovers! These smooth tobacco blend flavors will surely satisfy your taste buds and provide an ADV that you will not get sick of. Naked 100 E-Juice Bundle (Tobacco) consists of 3 flavors: American Cowboy Tobacco, Cuban Blend Tobacco and Euro Gold Tobacco!

VG/PG: 70/30  -  Naked 100 Tobacco E Juice 60ml vape juice eliquid .

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Flavor Profiles:

American Cowboy Tobacco: Tobacco, Caramel

Cuban Blend Tobacco: Tobacco, Cuban Cigar

Euro Gold: Tobacco, Honey


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