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Reaver By ANML Unleashed Ejuice 60ml


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Reaver By ANML Unleashed Ejuice 60ml

Hidden far from civilization, in a jungle unexplored, ANML UNLEASHED began crafting a masterpiece. Binding the flavors of the sweetest Pineapples, richest Coconuts and Strawberries ripened to perfection into one amazing flavor: REAVER. If you thought that was all there was to REAVER you were mistaken! With this amazing combination of flavors you would think that’s all that was needed to make this Ejuice an all day vape for anyone who tried it, but ANML UNLEASHED Ejuice took it one step further and based it all in a heavy cream to tie each flavor together in a concoction never before made available. Your sure to feel the rush of each nuanced flavor as REAVER graces you with its delightful peaks and valleys of flavor making every vape better than the last. Join the vaping elite. Unleash the flavor.

Embrace ANML UNLEASHED Ejuice! The original ANML was a stepping stone to get to where we are now. The original ANML was caged, bound, and sedated in comparison. Now we bring you truly unleashed flavor with ANML UNLEASHED EJUICE. The beasts have awoken and they did not like being contained! With flavor more innovative and stronger than ever we bring you: Beast- A pudding and Banana that will make you pound your chest with new found dominance. Grizzly- Is a choco-cookie dipped in milk that’s so potent it will wake even the most dormant beast from within. ANML UNLEASHED EJUICE also introduces Thrasher with a candy and cream peach flower that will allow your sweet tooth to roam free. The final flavor ANML UNLEASHED brings us is the amazing Reaver- A smoothie flavor unlike any other you have experienced before. It blends a mixture of strawberry, pineapple and coconuts on a bed of heavy cream. ANML UNLEASHED EJUICE comes in 60ml bottles for your vaping pleasure!

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