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Satisfying E Juice by SVRF 60ml

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Satisfying E Juice by SVRF 60ml

Satisfying Eliquid by SVRF ejuice 60ml is a tantalizing blend of Raspberry & Dragon Fruit Iced Tea! Satisfying by SVRF E-liquid is a southern flavor of tarty raspberries mixed with a sweet dragon fruit iced tea. The unique combo of cold iced tea with raspberries and dragon-fruit to top it off is phenomenal and very refreshing. On the inhale, fresh raspberries, with a soothing luscious dragon fruit and hints of iced tea on the exhale. Definitely a top pick for an all-day-vape!

Satisfying E Juice by SVRF 60ml E-Liquid Liquid Juice Vape juice nic juice


VG/PG: 70/30

Flavor Profile: Raspberry, Dragon Fruit, Iced Tea


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