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Vapers Choice Cotton (VCC)

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Vapers Choice Cotton (VCC)

Vapers Choice Cotton (VCC) “A Difference You Can Taste”

Vapers Choice Cotton (VCC) is one of the most expensive types of cotton in the vape industry, due to the small percentage of wax, proteins and plant material.

The 100% Supima Cotton is highly absorbent, high heat resistant and best of all, delivers the purest taste. As you drip your e-juice on the cotton, you will not receive that “bad taste”.

With the Vapers Choice Cotton (VCC), you will be able to “Drip Less, Vape More”.

The cotton is three times more absorbent than regular cotton. See the difference with Vapers Cotton Choice. 36 inches of cotton “The World's Finest Cotton” 100% Supima cotton Absorbent, Heat Resistance, Purer Taste only at Smoke and Vape!
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